SEO web design courses

We offer comprehensive WordPress and SEO courses that will help you gain an effective online presence. Our training course is highly flexible in terms of times and training venues. Additionally, we understand the value of practical knowledge. We go the extra mile to help you design your WordPress website and offer any other form of support you need. Throughout Singapore, we have trained dozens of employees who work for SMEs and brand name companies. Our use of effective methods ensures that you won’t need any extra training after learning from us. Become a competent SEO expert by getting your training at Priford today.

WordPress Training

A website is like a salesman who doesn’t get tired but instead works day and night, 7 days a week to ensure you are continuously getting clients no matter where you are.

WordPress accounts for almost 30% of websites on the Internet today. WordPress is freely available and offer a user friendly platform for any website. During training, we take our learners step by step, setting up a website from scratch. Of course we provide a hosting plan to make the process as realistic as possible.

Step by step we show you how to design a WordPress website that is both beautiful and user friendly. A short graphic design course will also be offered. Graphic design learners are also provided with the necessary images to help them utilize creativity as much as possible.

Our trainers are the best around and our training program consists of the most advanced concepts in the industry. You work with developers who have previously designed hundreds of websites and get to ask them as many questions as possible. We also provide after training services to ensure you are not stranded and that you can maintain your website should anything happen in the future. This way you get more value for your money compared to when trained by anyone else.

Course Objectives

The main objective for the course is to endow learners with knowledge of how to design a beautiful modern website.

SEO Training

Most Internet users find products and information through search engines. Google, being the largest search engines, ranks the most optimized websites highly. Any website owner that wishes to appear on Google’s first page, therefore, must optimize it accordingly based on the key factors Google uses to rank websites.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stress yourself over paid SEO anymore. Take an SEO training course with us and you may never have to pay anyone to help take your keywords to Google’s first page. Our comprehensive SEO training course will help you know how to get ranked on Google’s first page with keywords that best define your site.

Our list of students who say there were proud to have received SEO training from us is long. Most of them own successful businesses and sites with lots of keywords on Google’s first page. Our strategies are genuine and aim to endow you with white-hat tactics that have worked for thousands of companies before. Our course instills all the knowledge and terms you should know to become an expert in the SEO industry. And just like other courses that we offer, this course comes with flexible scheduling and locations. Simply reach out to us and we could arrange for training with you.

Why learn from us?

At Priford, we offer in depth training and follow up to ensure you didn’t get stuck while working on your website. If you choose Priford, rest assured that you will become an expert.

SEO Training Methods

Come up with your laptop and we shall offer all the assistance you need. We believe in small, interactive classes that lead to more effective learning. Generally, there are two types of Search Engine optimization methods: onsite SEO and offsite SEO. We provide training for both types of SEO. We have skilled professionals as earlier emphasized and advanced tools to instill the latest in SEO. We also offer effective training methods on how to get the resources you need to have your website rank high on Google.

By the time our courses are done, learners usually have possessed everything they need to know about SEO. You learn how to identify keywords that will give you best results, methods on how to complete successful SEO tactics and general tips to have a website that meets its objectives.

Here are courses we offer and our pricing:

WordPress web design classes
SEO course


Web Design: $150 carried out in several 3-hour long programs.
SEO course: $150 carried out in 3-hour long programs.
Reasons to Choose Priford for your Training needs
Flexible schedules and training venues
Highly qualified and experienced trainers.
After training support
Effective course content

Our training excellence are suited to everyone who needs a website, be it business, corporates or personal websites. However, it’s important to possess basic skills about the specific areas you need training on and that you possess a laptop.