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Web Design

Web Design

riford is a website developer company established in Singapore. We are pioneering in providing mobile responsive WordPress web designs and numerous other services, which can assist local organizations to maintain a strong online presence. Although still being relatively young as an organization, we have over hundred successfully completed websites under our belt. We pay special emphasis on customer satisfaction and we are willing to push ourselves to provide to all your needs. Priford provides services at a reasonable price for professional website development service to all forms of industries whenever they require an online presence, it could be either in the form of an information site or an ecommerce webpage.  We provide all our services at a competitive price with highest level of professionalism. But, it is our duty to provide you with web design services which you were looking for. You could be owning a small scale business or a business organization with the needs for a professional looking website, Priford is there for you. We at Priford is always willing to establish a long-term partnership with our customers.

A website which is pleasing to the eye with a well sort out layout can assist any business to be more professional and has the potential to attract customers. A website which is easy to use and is attractive to the user will have the potential to bring in more customers. Provide us with your vision for the site and we are there to make it a reality.

We have a team of highly qualified personnel specializing in various fields to provide a wide array of web development service, we would turn your dream into a fully functioning website. We would design the site in such a manner that it would be simple to maintain and you have the freedom to edit it whenever you like at your convenience. We at Priford, believe that an exceptional website is one which is unique and has the ability to be attractive at the same time. But most importantly it will be inclusive of all the features which are needed to offer the service which it was designed for.

The comprehensive manner in which we follow your ideas with close observation of the objective of the company permits us to create the most suited website using all the techniques which we have mastered. As we are in with you for the long run, you always have the option to get in touch with us at any moment.

Responsive Web Design Services

80% of the world population access the internet via a mobile device. Hence, it is imperative that the website should be capable of being used on a mobile device. A mobile site will retain your visitors for a longer duration of time. A truly great website possess the capacity to retain customers for a longer period of time encouraging sales.

We wish to work in coordination with our customers. The customer provides us with a rough idea about the site and we offer several web page designs which are most suited to your line of business. Once we have offered you the choices, you can select the design which you love the most. Also, we offer other services apart from webpage design such as SEO work. We also provide services such as setting up your site on a host network at an extra price.

Cloud Technology

Cloud services is the most suited for a business looking to host their site. Cloud technology permits greater speeds and added benefits when compared to other forms of storage.

Website Conversion

One of the main goals of having a website is to improve sales, we strive to achieve that purpose. We have till now designed over hundred websites and have a clear understanding on customer behaviour. We are fully aware of the items which keeps visitors in a great site. We have managed to increase the rate of conversion by over 25% just by designing a new site.

Local Websites

Priford is the ideal web developer solution for any business organization attempting to tap into a local market or even internationally. We develop websites providing services in other languages and enhance SEO services to complete its purpose.

Call us now to obtain a quote and to initiate work on your very own site.

Our Web Presence Capabilities

Have a mobile friendly site in partnership with Conrad Advertising. Develop SEO of your site, obtain a CMS ecommerce website or streamlined web designing and appreciate the power of a fully functioning highly efficient site.

Our Happy Clients

We can proudly present you with a long list of customers who have referred their friends and family to us for the services which we provide. We have catered to commercial interests in the field of medicine to insurance, construction work to home-based websites, you will be thoroughly amazed with the testimonials we have received.  We have worked for several prestigious business enterprises in Singapore and even in other countries. The secret behind our success is that we always push ourselves to fully grasp the requirements of the customer. Then only do we proceed to design the website with meticulous attention to detail even at the sacrifice of several sleepless nights. We aim to satisfy you; we provide several articles for your webpage and insert stock graphic and several other services at no cost.

Web Design Highlights

  • Mobile compatible website development
  • SEO services
  • Web hosting for 3 years provided free of charge
  • Professional images on the site at no cost
  • Content of 1000 words
  • SEO facilities to obtain top rankings on the first page of search engines for at least ten keywords
  • Designing a free logo

Our web Design Pricing

First ten pages are at $500, then $50 extra for every added page we develop.