Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

Priford is a Singapore based website developer company. We specialize in offering mobile responsive WordPress web design and any other services that can help local business gain online presence. While we are not the most established company, our skilled team has designed more than one hundred websites. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we always go the extra mile to fulfill your needs. Priford offers cheap and professional website development services to all industries where our services are required, whether information or ecommerce website. We offer you a very reasonable price and our services are of excellent value. Most importantly, we work to ensure you got the web design services that you were after. Whether you are a small business or a business looking for a professional website, Priford can always design the ideal website for you. Additionally, our policy as a company is to develop long term relations with clients.

An aesthetically appealing, well designed website helps an organization look more professional and appealing to their clients. A user friendly, attractive website will always attract more clients. Give us an idea of the type of website you are after and we will make your dream come true.

Since our team of diversified web builders owns the skills to offer a vast range of web development services, we can easily turn your ideas into the most complete website you could desire. We can build a website that is simple to manage and so you could do edit it  at your own time. To us, a great website is one that offers uniqueness, attractive to everyone who sees it and yet feature packed so that it can provide the services it was meant to.

Our detailed approach to your ideas ensures that we can observe and understand your company’s objectives and then utilize our skills to provide the most appropriate business website. And since we strive to build relationships and not just work for a short while, you can always reach out to us.

Responsive Web Design Services

Almost 80% of the world accesses the Internet on their mobile devices. This makes it extremely crucial for the modern website to build a website that is mobile responsive. Having a mobile website ensures that customers don’t just click on your site and leave few second later. A great website can make clients stay on your site longer and help increase sales.

At Priford, we work closely with clients. You give us ideas and we come with a list of website designs that could work greatly for your business. You then get to choose the design you love. In addition to that, we go beyond design and offer improved SEO services. We also offer several other services such as deploying your website to a host network with asking for extra charges.

Cloud Technology

For a business that plans to host their website; cloud technology is the best option. Cloud technology offers speed and more options than most other storage solutions.
Website Conversation

Website Conversion

Since one of the goals of a website is to help drive sales, we work to help you achieve exactly that. We have designed hundreds of websites and studied customer behaviors for long. We know what website visitors love about great websites. We, therefore, tailor our website services to meet the expectations of website visitors. In the past, we have helped companies increase conversion rates by up to 25% by just improving the website.

Local Websites

Priford is the best web developer solution for businesses that have particular targets locally and worldwide. We can also build your website to accommodate additional languages and improve SEO services to ensure it actually serves its purpose.

Reach out to us for pricing issues and we could then work together as well.

Our Web Presence Capabilities

Get a more mobile responsive website when you work with Conrad Advertising. Improve your site’s SEO; get a CMS ecommerce website or improved web designing and feel proud having a site that works efficiently.

Our Happy Clients

We have a wide list of customers who have always referred their friends to us. From the businesses in the medical profession to insurance, construction to home-based websites, our list of testimonials will impress you. Some of our satisfied customers are high profile business owners in Singapore, and some from foreign countries. Our secret has always been putting extra effort to understand the goals and objectives of our clients. We then carefully design the ideal website even if it means working late nights and making a few sacrifices here and there. As part of our aim to impress you, we offer to write several articles on your website, provide stock images and a few other cost free services.

Web Design Highlights

Mobile responsive website building
Search Engine SEO services
Free 3 year web hosting when you work with us.
Free professional images for your site.
1000 words worth of content writing.
SEO services to help get at least 10 key words rank on the first page of search engines.
Free logo.

Our web Design Pricing

$500 for the first 10 pages and $50 per extra page we build.